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Wedding Stationery

Your Wedding Stationery can be styled in a way which carries your theme or colour scheme right through from the invitations to the thank you cards, bringing cohesion to the occasion and helping to style your venue. Items to consider for your wedding stationery suite are:

Save The Date Cards

Day and Evening Invitations

Orders of Service/Orders of the Day

Placename Cards

Table Name/Number Cards


Table Plan

Post Box for Cards

Thank You Cards

You’re planning your wedding and want to be sure that some guests are able to make your big day. So sending Save the Date cards early gives them plenty of time to book the date on their calendar.

Day and evening invitations should be sent out 2-3 months before the wedding date. The timescale for these will largely depend on the deadline for numbers with suppliers e.g. the venue.

Orders of Service or Orders of the Day can make lovely keepsakes for your guests as well as being practical. wedding stationery

Use a Table Plan on the way into your reception room or in the lobby. This gives guests the opportunity of seeing which table they’re sitting at early on rather than milling around frantically reading placename cards on the tables! Placename cards can be used so that you know who is sitting next to and with who. Both are useful if you want to avoid Aunty Mary sitting next to Cousin James if they don’t get on!

A decorated post box is a good way of keeping all the wedding cards together. This is especially good if you have requested money rather than gifts as the contents can then be looked after by someone you trust. wedding stationery

Thank you cards can be made up in the same style as the rest of your wedding stationery. Or you could opt to have cards made up using one of your favourite photos from the day. Either way, guests appreciate a note from the happy couple afterwards acknowledging their presence and present. wedding stationery

As well as the wedding stationery items above we can also make wedding day favours for you. Traditionally the wedding favour was five almonds in an organza bag or tulle net tied with ribbon. They signified Health, Wealth, Happiness, Fertility and Longevity and were given by the bride and groom as a gesture of appreciation and gratitude.

Centuries ago guests of European aristocrats would be honoured with small boxes made of crystal, porcelain or even jewel encrusted silver or gold. Filled with sweet confections they were known as bonbonnieres. Lower classes who could not afford these boxes would use a small bag filled with the five almonds or other nuts instead. As weddings were believed to be lucky, the giving of bonbonnieres was seen as the bride and groom passing on some of their good fortune. wedding stationery

We have a machine here which enables us to create perfect net bonbonnieres time after time. These can then either be decorated however you like, or left plain and tied with ribbon.