Wedding Accessories – Jewellery & Hair

Wedding accessories – possibly the nicest part of planning what to wear for your wedding, along with your dress. This is something you need to bear in mind when setting your wedding budget. After all, there’s no point falling in love with particular wedding accessories and not having the budget for them! Now, I’m a practical, down to earth kind of girl, but I love pretty and/or sparkly things. I spend a good deal of my time at home walking dogs, wearing wellies and practical clothes. However,  I love dressing up a bit when I can. There will therefore be lots of gorgeous photos of pretty and/or sparkly pieces in this post!

Wedding Accessories - Heart Drop Earrings

Heart Drop Earrings ©Lilguy Designs

Wedding accessories - Silver & Pearl necklace & earrings set

Sterling silver & Pink Pearl Necklace & Earrings Set ©Lilguy Designs

Origami Jewellery by Gilli’s Flowers

When I was looking for wedding accessories to feature in this post I was contacted by Gilli. I was intrigued by the idea of origami jewellery. Paper jewellery, how does that work? However, when I saw it and read about how she creates it, it made sense. And it’s very very pretty, with a very reasonable price point. I now have a pair of her red rose earrings (in pink) that I wear all the time – and as I make my own sterling silver jewellery that’s saying something! From traditional white to something colourful there’s something to suit every style for wedding accessories.

Wedding accessories - White Rose Barrette

White Rose Barrette ©

Wedding accessories - White Rose Headband

White Rose Headband ©

“I took up origami just over three years ago after being told I had to give up patchwork and quilting after I developed arthritis in my neck. From general models I moved to origami flowers, partly because I find it easier to fold smaller pieces of paper and because I became interested in origami jewellery. I started by using designs from books but I didn’t really like these. So, as I enjoy designing I started making flower themed jewellery, with the occasional fan and bird.

Wedding accessories - Vintage Hair Comb Lavender Roses

Vintage Syle Lavender Roses Hair Comb ©

Wedding accessories - Vintage style Floral Pendant

Vintage Style Floral Pendant ©

I started business in April 2016, selling mainly through local designer markets to see if there was any interest. This year  I have been focusing on the online side. I have my own website and Etsy shop and I have also started selling on Amazon Handmade. Winning a #SBS award felt great!

Wedding accessories - Red Rose Earrings

Red Rose Earrings ©

My designs are based mainly  on traditional Origami folds. I also modify these at times to create the flowers I want to make. I describe my jewellery as original and the designs are my own. It is eclectic as it ranges from Goth to boho with a dash of vintage. It is also meaningful because I link designs to the language of flowers so that I can create jewellery with a hidden meaning.

Wedding accessories - Gothic Bride Choker

Gothic Bride Choker ©

Wedding accessories - Purple Headband

Purple Headband ©

Pieces are all folded by myself using a range of papers. All the paper elements are then given several coats of good quality waterproof varnish as part of the process. Some pieces are then enhanced with Swarovski crystals, other beads and wire. Due to variety of different papers I use as well as the fact I can individually colour and decorate paper I can make my designs in any colour, making a fully bespoke service possible.”

Wedding accessories - Bridal Rose Tiara

Bridal Rose Tiara ©

Gilli’s Flowers website and Etsy shop. Facebook, Twitter.

Tantrums & Tiaras wedding accessories

I have seen and lusted after Kelly’s headbands and tiaras for many years now. Sadly even I can’t get away with wearing them on a day to day basis. As Mr LG told me once, wearing a tiara to exhibit at a wedding show is possibly slightly OTT. Spoilsport!

Kelly has kindly shared her latest collection of wedding accessories, Maharaja. This is an East meets West wedding accessories collection. And it’s a stunning collection I’m sure you’ll agree. All images from this collection credited to Eliza Clare, make up Make Up By Katy, venue Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.

Wedding accessories - Tantrums and Tiaras 2015 Maharaja Collection

Jasmine bridal forehead Art Deco piece ©

Wedding accessories - Tantrums and Tiaras 2015 Maharaja Collection

Henrietta Forehead Piece ©

Tantrums and Tiaras is the passion of designer/director Kelly, who began making jewellery as a child and would sell the odd piece to friends and family. Other things took priority and jewellery making took a back seat until she took ill in 2005 when she rediscovered her passion in jewellery making. Kelly is entirely self-taught and has developed new techniques and ideas throughout. Having become more adept at creating jewellery Kelly branched out into making tiaras and sold one to a local wedding shop, from there Tantrums and Tiaras have grown. This year, 2016, the business celebrate it’s 10th Birthday.

Wedding accessories - Tantrums and Tiaras 2015 Maharaja Collection

Jeanette Filigree Bridal Headpiece ©

Wedding accessories - Tantrums and Tiaras 2015 Maharaja Collection

Kathleen Diamante Bridal Comb ©

Wedding accessories - Tantrums and Tiaras 2015 Maharaja Collection

Kathleen Diamante Bridal Comb ©

Kelly’s headpieces do not sit in one style or genre as she likes to mix it up a bit and go with what she likes making. She loves pretty little detailing but equally enjoys making the larger statement pieces. At the moment Kelly loves using colour in her headpieces, whether it’s changing the crystals, wire or just adding that something extra to give a unique twist to her work. Kelly especially loves special commissions where she gets to convert vintage jewellery into beautiful modern heirlooms to be kept for years to come

Wedding accessories - Tantrums and Tiaras 2015 Maharaja Collection

Coco Vine ©

Wedding accessories - Tantrums and Tiaras 2015 Maharaja Collection

Carla ©

Wedding accessories - Tantrums and Tiaras 2015 Maharaja Collection

Eliza Side Tiara ©

Tantrums and Tiaras is a family run business run from a studio based at Kelly’s home in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Although Kelly works full time during the day and has two young children (1 & 4) she works full time on the business too making headpieces nearly every night when the kids have got to bed. Kelly says ‘some people like to knit whilst watching the telly and relax, for me, I’m not happy unless I’ve got some wire or beads in my hands!’.

Wedding accessories - Tantrums and Tiaras 2015 Maharaja Collection

Gemelle Hair Vine ©

Wedding accessories - Tantrums and Tiaras 2015 Maharaja Collection

Emma Tiara ©

Wedding accessories - Tantrums and Tiaras 2015 Maharaja Collection

Maddison Vine ©

Tantrums & Tiaras website, Facebook, Pinterest. Twitter.

Luellas Bridal wedding accessories

If you have a love for beautiful things, then you will be glad that you have found Luella’s Bridal. Their private London showroom is decorated with soft floral wallpapers, vintage suitcases, chandeliers and furnished with antique cabinets and a day bed. It is therefore the perfect relaxing haven for brides searching for something a little bit different.

Wedding accessories - Airlie earrings (rose gold) victoria fergusson

Airlie Earrings © Victoria Fergusson

Wedding accessories - Fiorentina comb by Stephanie Browne

Fiorentina comb © Stephanie Browne

Wedding accessories - gold dust grecian forehead band

Gold Dust Grecian Forehead Band © Victoria Milessime

Wedding accessories - Gold Laurel Leaf Hair Wreath by Cherished

Gold Laurel Leaf Hair Wreath © Cherished

All of their products are carefully handpicked and chosen for originality and beauty. Many are exclusive to Luella’s. The Luella’s team work with a great selection of both UK and international designers. They stock pieces from New Zealand, Australia, USA and Israel.

Wedding accessories - Mila by Inbal Raviv with Crocheted Pearl & Cluster earrings by St Erasmus

Mila by Inbal Raviv with Crocheted Pearl & Cluster earrings © St Erasmus

Wedding accessories - Floral hairpiece_Luellas Collection

Floral hairpiece © Luellas Collection

Wedding accessories - FLOWER QUEEN ROSE TIARA by Victoria Millesime

Flower Queen Rose Tiara © Victoria Millesime

Wedding accessories - Rose Garden Headress by Victoria Fergusson

Rose Garden Headress © Victoria Fergusson

Website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.