Videography For Your Wedding – To Film Or Not To Film

Videography for your wedding is something you may or may not have considered. Yes, you’ve thought about photography, but what about videography? This week I’ve had some good advice and information from Debbie, one half of Photography by Derek and Debbie. They are based in Maidenhead and cover all of the Home Counties and Greater London area. They will also travel anywhere in the country, and shoot weddings in Southern Africa.

videography for your wedding - SA

To Film? Or Not To Film?

That is the question! Most couples are adamant that they will hire a professional photographer to capture their wedding, and budget for it accordingly. After all, this is the best day of your lives so far and you want the photographs to remember every detail in your twilight years. Why then is it often a last minute decision to have a film made of your wedding day?

After planning this day for so many months, the day arrives and is over in the blink of an eye! Your wedding photographs will always be treasured, your favourite images will be printed and placed on the mantelpiece. However, the film will capture all the details, all the sounds and movements that a photograph can’t: the laughs; the vows; how you move in your dress; your first glance at one another; the little bridesmaids twirling and giggling on the dance floor; your grandmother’s proud smile; the emotional toasts.

videography for your wedding

Reasons for having videography for your wedding

What are the reasons to not have a film of your wedding? The cost? Do you feel uncomfortable being filmed? Perhaps your friends say that they never watch their wedding video (maybe that’s because it wasn’t well made!). If it’s a case of you didn’t think of hiring a professional videographer or you’re undecided… here are some of the reasons you really need to have one…..

Future generations

Think about your future generations. If you had the chance to watch your parent’s or grandparents wedding wouldn’t you love to? You can show your children and grandchildren what the day was really like, the sounds, your youthful laugh, your loving vows, grandpa doing Gang Nam Style on the dance floor!

Missing people

Not all family and friends can make your day due for a variety of reasons. Ill health, distance or unexpected emergencies. However, with a professionally shot and edited wedding film, you can share the most important day from start to finish. Or a short highlights video can showcase your day in a couple of minutes. You can share a highlights video on social media or via email to distant relatives and they can really feel like they were there with you.

No regrets

In the words of Becky from the Rock my Wedding blog “I implore you to carefully consider having someone to film your day. The standard of wedding films today is incredible. They are exactly that, a film of your day, you on the big screen. I’d hate you to feel the crushing feeling I do each time I think about how much I wish I had a film of our day.”

Precious keepsake 

Debbie guarantees that you will always cherish your video as a precious keepsake. Check out some of their wedding highlights videos on their website, where you can see their style and pricing. Movement and sound add tremendously to your memories of your wedding day – don’t regret not having a film of it!

videography for your wedding

videography for your wedding