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Hello From Team Lilguy!

Hi, I’m Kim Stewart and I love to help brides and grooms to have the wedding of their dreams.

Do you already have a firm idea of what you want for your wedding stationery? Or perhaps you need some ideas? Whatever the situation, I’m here to help.

Lilguy Stationery was founded in 2010 designing beautiful bespoke wedding stationery. With an eye for detail and a passion for perfection I create gorgeous stationery that really creates the WOW factor for guests. A few years later I started to learn how to make silver jewellery, and now work with sterling silver sheet and wire as well as precious metal clay which produces fine silver once fired.

My grandfather was an artist, working mainly in oils, regrettably I did not inherit his ability to draw and paint. However I love being creative in other ways. I have a dedicated office/workshop at home where I have a large stock of beautiful high quality paper and cardstock, ribbons and embellishments. I also have a large area for silversmithing and a separate area for working with polymer clay.

For the stationery side of the business I have a monster printer which means that I can print 99% of all orders myself without having to rely on an outside company. This means therefore that my turnaround times are very fast. I have worked on some very different projects that my printer hasn’t been capable of and I have various companies that I have worked with who I trust and have provided fast and accurate work for me.

Headshot Kim
Monty Pic

Monty came to us on January 3rd 2008 from Clymping Dog Sanctuary. He had been a stray and was very skinny but had masses of energy, and at the end of a walk lasting and hour and a half would frequently take himself off for a further hour or so! He’s settled down considerably over the years and is the only one of the Lilguys that you can trust with a gate left accidentally open – he’s the one who comes to tell you that the gate’s open, whilst the terrierists are shooting through it to disappear on one of their legendary escapades! 

Bingo pic

Bingo also came to us from Clymping Dog Sanctuary, in July 2009 at the age of around 6 months. He too had been a stray and we fell in love with him immediately. Although these days he’s content to keep an eye on the rabbit warren in the garden and lay around in the sun, he was the original escape artist – his most creative escape route being  to scramble through the ivy, up and onto the oil tank in the back garden and then hopping over the 7′ wall behind it into the open barn next to the house and off into the countryside wherever the whim took him! 

Betsie pic

Betsie was also a rescue of sorts, although we do know her background. My husband will tell you that I went out walking one day with two dogs and came home with three – it wasn’t quite that simple but not too far off! She and Bingo have over the years had many an escapade together – trying to keep the fence around our 3/4 acre back garden hole free is an ongoing and somewhat impossible mission as we have rabbits and foxes constantly coming and going and ruining all our hard work! Like Bingo she too is now fairly content with staying at home although she loves running around in the fields and terrierising the local bunny population. Her favourite place when not outside is under a duvet, preferably by the open fire – even in the height of summer!

Alice pic

Alice arrived in June 2015. My husband was working in Oxfordshire and rented a room there during the week, coming home at weekends. His Oxford landlady’s dog was having puppies, due to have three (all of which were spoken for) and ended up having six. Alice and he got very attached to each other and he ended up bringing her home. She is a mixture of Jack Russell, Border Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer and is a little pickle – she is following in the tradition of Bingo and Betsie and delights in finding holes in the fence to escape through! Luckily so far she has never got out with either of the other two terrierists and has only stayed hunting in the fields around the house.

Monty and Algie

Algie was the Lilguy that I named the business after. 

We got Algie in September 2008 from Clymping Dog Sanctuary as a companion for Monty. My boys had trouble remembering his name so Algie became LG for LilGuy. He hadn’t had a very good start in life, having been given up for adoption at just 4 months old by a family who couldn’t cope with a toddler and a terrier – not a very sensible mix if you’re a first time dog owner! He was a Jack Russell x Patterdale and had some fairly major anger issues having been chased by and had his tail and ears pulled by a toddler, but he was my little shadow and we adored each other. Unfortunately he contracted lung worm and sadly we lost him in July 2009.