Pocket Style Invitations For Weddings- The Advantages

Pocket style invitations are my favourite style of invitation. How often have you received an invitation, whether for a wedding or another occasion, with information inserts? Most invitations have information for guests included. They tend to fall out as soon as you open the card, and once retrieved and read somehow manage to disappear never to be seen again. Crucially the directions sheet that can’t be found on the day of the occasion!

Behold, the pocket style invitation to solve the problem! A pocket within the invitation, or the invitation itself as a pocket holds all the necessary information for guests. Thereby eliminating bits of paper getting lost. Here at Lilguy Designs we produce our own pocket style invitations as well as having access to other styles and sizes from trusted suppliers.

Pocket style invitations - 15cm square

15cm square printed invitation wording panel and pocket for guest information and RSVP

We have the 15cm square and the A6 pocket style invitations cut for us. Therefore if we don’t have the colour you want in stock it’s no problem, we can obtain the card and have them specially cut for you. We have access to card and paper direct from a fabulous manufacturer, but if none of their colours quite match what you want we can have your colour card made up if you give us the Pantone number.

15cm Square Pocket Style Invitations

Pocket style invitations - 15cm square

Classic navy and cream 15cm square invitation

15cm square pocket style invitations have a large panel for the invitation wording. There is also a spacious pocket for all the guest information and RSVP postcard. They can be as plain or ornate as you like.

Pocket style invitations - 15cm square

Cream on Cream with an offset diamante ribbon slide

Pocket style invitations - 15cm square

Peacock Feather and Diamante Flower with wide satin ribbon ©Lilguy Designs

Pocket style invitations - 15cm square

Charleston Glamour 15cm square Invitation ©Lilguy Designs

Pocket style invitations - 15cm square

Printed 15cm square invitation

Pocket style invitations - 15cm square

1930’s Earring inspired 15cm square invitation ©Lilguy Designs

A6 Pocket Style Invitations

Our A6 pocketfold invitations are slightly smaller than A6 which gives plenty of room for them to fit into a C6 envelope allowing for embellishments. Useful for invitations with slightly less information to go on the wording panel and less guest information. However they are still large enough for a postcard style RSVP card.

Pocket style invitations - A6

A6 pocket invitation with printed wording panel and pocket with RSVP card

Because the style is more like that of an envelope it isn’t possible to have a printed panel outside as it is with the 15cm square. However they can be as plain or ornate as you like.

Pocket style invitations - A6

Ruby wallet with ivory floral motif

Pocket style invitations - A6

Pink Jubilee A6 Invitation

Invitation Pockets

Sometimes the whole invitation can be a pocket.

Pocket style invitations - DL Pocket

DL Pocket Invitation with rose posy and peach organza ribbon

With the DL size pocket all the information for guests is held together by a ribbon at the top.

Pocket style invitations - Lasercut 14cm square pocket

14cm Square Laser Cut Pocket Invitation

With these gorgeous laser cut pocket style invitations the guest information slips behind the invitation panel.

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