Olverum Bath Oil – Product Review

Today I am reviewing Olverum bath oil. What’s this got to do with wedding planning and preparation? Planning your wedding can be a stressful time. You’re excited because you’re marrying the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. But you can’t get hold of the caterer to discuss the finer details of your menu. You’ve got little bits of paper all over the sitting room floor trying to figure out your table plan. Uncle Dick has offended everyone in your family at one time or another and you don’t want him offending all your new family. Short of giving him a table on his own in a side room where on earth are you going to put him?!

One thing I try to advise my couples is to try not to get stressed. Yes, easier said than done sometimes. However there are things you can do to help yourself. Some are more expensive than others and some require more effort than others. Relaxation and looking after yourself is important in stress busting.

My Daily Stresses 

My boys are both now young men and have left home so I no longer have the school run/packed lunch/homework/uniform thing to contend with. But I have four dogs who require a fair amount of looking after. If they want to be fed or taken out they don’t much care that I still have 150 embellishments to sew onto ribbon for invitations. Also as a blogger I constantly have rather more tabs open on my laptop than I should. And in my mind! I frequently wake up in the early hours with ideas buzzing around. And the knowledge that I need to clone myself several times over in order to accomplish everything!

Just before my holiday in August my printer decided to give up the ghost. When I had an order to finish. Letting my clients down is not an option. Wedding stationery is time sensitive – no point getting your Orders of Service a week after the ceremony. It wasn’t a question of popping down to the local computer shop and buying one, mine is a heavy duty commercial printer. I did manage to get a new printer sorted in record time.  However, my stress levels were through the roof!

If you’ve read my initial blog post last September when I relaunched my website and blog you’ll be aware that I had cancer in 2012. My treatment was successful and I had three amazing medical teams who looked after me from start to finish. But every day it’s in the back of my mind at some stage that it COULD come back. I take drugs everyday to prevent this happening, but ……..

Using Olverum 

Olverum bath oil

Tuesday 26th September

I have been awake since 5am. This morning I have an appointment for my five year checkup at the hospital. I’ve just had a clear mammogram so I shouldn’t be worried. But it’s there in my mind. Yesterday I received a sample of Olverum bath oil. Can’t sleep so I might as well get up and have a bath. The instructions on the leaflet say to use just 5ml in a bath. As I am reviewing Olverum I decide to follow the instructions rather than doing what I would normally do and tip the whole 15ml sample bottle in! I’m not convinced that 5ml will be enough but instructions are instructions!

The bathroom is filled with delicious scents and my head starts to clear immediately. With the extract of ten carefully selected plant extracts it is a multilayered and complex fragrance. It is neither a very girly or a very masculine scent and is therefore truly unisex. With my head resting on the back of the bath and my eyes closed I feel that I am in a luxurious spa.

Olverum bath oil

Even Monty’s relaxed and having another snooze whilst I bathe. Yes, I have a dog bed in the bathroom!

There’s no oil slick in the bath, which I was worried about.  My hands are not slippery or greasy when air dried after being in the water. This is good as there’s no slipping when getting out of the tub which I was concerned about – at the best of times I am #neverknowinglygraceful ! Skin feels soft when dry and smells delicious. 

The downside of using Olverum

In the interests of a fair review I should tell you about the downsides of the product. All I can say is that I didn’t want to get out and that the water went cold before I was ready to!

During the day

Once out of bath and getting ready to leave for the hospital I was feeling if not invincible then certainly more than ready to face the day. One side effect of the drug I am on is aching joints and muscles which felt eased after my bath. The fragrance lingered on my skin during the day and I felt positive and happy all day.

At Olverum they don’t believe in miracles and neither do I but I certainly seemed to have good luck! The queue for the hospital car park was backed up to the main road and I was ushered into a different car park which I didn’t have to pay for. My appointment went very well and I have now been signed off. I also found a very pretty bottle of Prosecco with which to celebrate and will use afterwards 🙂 Clearly these events had nothing to do with Olverum, but starting the day off positively added to the general feeling of wellbeing.

Olverum bath oil

Celebrating with a pretty bottle of Prosecco!

Wednesday 27th September

Bit of a stressful day – long boring story short I had to wait in for an important delivery which turned up 3 hours late. This meant that instead of taking the dogs out early when it was blissfully misty and cool I was walking them much later in the muggy midday heat. This triggered a nasty headache which just wouldn’t quit. A long soak in an Olverum bath set me up for a very good sleep. The only thing that would have been better would have been if it could have prevented my bladder from waking me up in the early hours but you can’t have everything!

The Olverum story

Olverum was originally created in 1931 by Franz Otto Klein and his wife, Edith. He was a successful winemaker from the Mosel Valley and she was a pharmacologist. As well as being passionate about his wine, he and his wife loved to travel. He was also passionate about essential oils and found their fabled therapeutic powers fascinating. In 1929 their favourite spa at Baden Baden announced that they would no longer be able to supply the Kleins with the house blend that they used in their collection of essential oils. So using the spa’s infusion as inspiration they decided to develop their own perfect therapeutic oil. You can read the full story here.

Olverum ingredients

As mentioned before there are ten essential oils that make up this unique blend. Each were carefully selected for their individual therapeutic properties.

  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Juniper
  • Lavandin
  • Lemon Peel
  • Siberian Fir Needle
  • Exotic Verbena
  • Lime
  • Geranium
  • Rosemary

It is free from artificial colours and preservatives and is not tested on animals.

Exclusive Olverum

Originally Olverum was produced for personal use and given as Christmas gifts to friends. These friends then recommended the oil to their friends and soon the Kleins had difficulty keeping up with demand.  By 1943 the war had made it nigh on impossible to source the oils necessary of high enough quality. So production stopped as Franz was unwilling to compromise on the quality.

Production resumed in 1948 and with the help of their son, Peter, the product was rebranded and taken to a wider audience. Surviving for many years by word of mouth it has been a cult product known only to a small number of passionate devotees.

Olverum recently relaunched

Olverum recently relaunched under new British ownership. It has been beautifully repackaged but the oil remains true to the original formula that has stood the test of time for over eight decades.

Olverum bath oil


Having a long soak in the bath is a great way to get away from everything and to relax. If the wedding planning is leaving you feeling mentally depleted why not line the edge of the bath with tealights instead of having the main light on and soak away your stresses.

You really don’t need more than 5ml per bath so at just over £1 per bath if using the 125ml or 250ml sizes Olverum is a fabulous way to inject a bit of luxury into your life. And very good value for money as it softens your skin as well as relaxing you.

You can buy online or the main stockists are Liberty, Conran, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick. I for one am a convert and this will be going on my Christmas wish list!