Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

There are quite a few mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding. Today we try to give you the heads up on some pitfalls to avoid!

Not Budgeting & Hidden Costs

Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Wedding - budgeting

Budgeting is SO important if you don’t want to end up stressed and broke. In last weeks post I included a link to a downloadable budgeting calculator. Download it now and get the hard part out of the way! (You will need to click File, Download As, Microsoft Excel. It will then show in your Downloads folder, you can then rename it and move it to your Wedding Folder – please don’t amend the figures without downloading it first!)

Look out for hidden costs such as VAT, alterations on your wedding outfit, shipping etc. Check your contracts for extra costs. mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding

You need also to look at setting parental boundaries. Are they paying for some or all of the wedding? If so then they do get a say in some aspects of the day.

Forgetting Insurance

Obviously no one wants anything to go wrong with their wedding. Or to have to call it off for any reason. But sometimes things happen beyond our control that need to be covered. Do some research and choose a policy that has cover to suit your needs.

The same goes for travel insurance for your honeymoon. As a former travel agent and travel insurance sales agent I would strongly advise you to take out insurance. In fact, some tour operators insist on it. Whist we’re still in the EU we have basic cover by the EHIC (although it is not necessarily free). However this will not cover you for repatriation or for your possessions, or if your travel documents are lost or stolen. I cannot stress enough how important this insurance is. Another point worth mentioning is that you MUST inform whichever company you book your insurance with of any pre-existing medical conditions. This includes asthma, diabetes etc., and generally anything medical within the last few years. If in doubt, mention it, otherwise you could find your insurance is invalid.

Excess Waiver. Most policies have an excess on them. This is the first amount of any claim that you have to cover. So if the excess is £100 and you’re making a claim for £500 you will get £400 back. Some policies offer an excess waiver. You pay a slightly increased price when purchasing the policy but should you claim you don’t pay the excess.

Not Getting Things In Writing

Always get things in writing, either a hard copy or by email. Set up a wedding correspondence folder in your email system to keep them all together. Keep hard copies of letters, contract or terms & conditions in a dedicated section of your planning folder. Make sure all your vendors have either a contract or terms & conditions. Ask if they have PLI (public liability insurance). If there’s no contract/Ts&Cs or PLI then don’t use them!

Ruling Out A Wedding Planner

Sometimes wedding planners can actually save you money. They often have working relationships with a variety of vendors and can get discounts. At the very least look into on the day help to cut down on your stress.

Listening To Too Many People

Do your research, listen to other ideas but at the end of the day have what YOU want. It’s your wedding not your sisters/mothers/best friends.


The wedding planning is getting to you. The world and his wife has an opinion that they think you should listen to. Your BMs are at each others throats. Stop the world, you wanna get off! It may seem like a great idea to just go off to Gretna Green or Las Vegas, get married and then present everyone with a fait accompli but consider a few things first. Do you have family or really close friends who would be mortally offended if you did?

How will you feel in years to come when you look at your wedding photos? Nobody that you really care about in them. Do you really just want to pull a couple of strangers off the street to be your witnesses? This is definitely one of those mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding! If you really do want to do it then be sure to check out the legalities.

Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Wedding Las Vegas Motel/Chapel

Digital Invitations

E-vites are a real no-no as far as I’m concerned. And I don’t just say that because I’m a wedding stationer! Your invitations set the tone for the day, and this is one of the most special days of your life. Don’t devalue it by sending e-vites. Our All In One Budget Invitations cost as little as £1.00 each including the printing of all your details and a built in RSVP card (guest names and addresses can be printed for you at 50p per invitation).

all-in-one-insideAll In One Outside

Save The Dates/Pre-Wedding Party Guests

Save The Date notices are only sent to guests who will be invited to the whole day. People who are not going to be invited to the wedding are not usually invited to pre-wedding parties.

Flowers & Decor

Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Wedding - Flowers

Do your floral research with your wedding date in mind. Seasonal flowers are going to be cheaper than those that have to be shipped in from abroad. Are the flowers you want likely to wilt during the day? What sort of bouquet do you want, are the flowers you like suitable for the type of bouquet? This is another of those big mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding. You want your flowers to stand the test of time – at least to survive the whole day!

Be careful of venue décor overwhelm. Sometimes less is more.

Diet, Hair and Makeup

You want to look extra special on your wedding day. However you still want to look like you. Don’t be tempted to go with a fashion trend if it doesn’t suit you. If you’re having a professional makeup artist on the day book a trial beforehand. TIP – book it before an evening out or a special occasion to get some added value out of it. If you’re not having a MUA then practice lots well in advance with your BMs. Look for products that last well without being too heavy. My personal favourites are the Finity range from Max Factor – Face Finity, Lip Finity etc. Again, do some research, try to get samples to try before buying.

If you want to lose weight before the big day be wary of fad diets and crash dieting. It’s much better for you in the long run to make small but permanent changes. Drink more water, eat smaller portions, eat more vegetables and protein and less carbs. Crash dieting may give quick results but ultimately you’ll probably put it all back on, and more.