Essential Honeymoon Packing List

I thought I would share my essential honeymoon packing list with you this week. Having just come back from a lovely week away in Zakinthos I’m already planning my next holiday! I seem to be getting the packing down to a fine art and my case was 3kg under max on leaving the UK. Which left room for a few souvenirs on the way home! I also came across my original Essential Honeymoon Packing List the other day which I can see is pretty out of date since it was originally written in 2012! It does however have some good general travel tips which I’ll also share with you.

Before you go

There are various things that you need to get in order in advance of travelling. Getting organised well in advance will lessen the stress nearer the time of your honeymoon.

Passports, Visas, documents & Vaccinations

Check that they are still in date for your travel dates. Most countries have a minimum period of validity after your return date, so check this too. You can change your name on your passport up to 3 months prior to your wedding, however you won’t be able to use it until after the ceremony. The name on your travel documents must match your passport. The government has a very useful guide by country for foreign travel advice for visas, vaccinations etc.

Essential honeymoon packing list - passport

Photocopy all cards, documents and passports and leave with a trusted person at home. My original handy packing list said to carry a copy of these with you, however these days I just photograph everything with my camera phone. Make sure you also have all emergency telephone numbers as well as Embassy or Consulate contact details. Email a copy of your itinerary and contact details to your nominated next of kin.

If you have an epipen or carry syringe needles for injecting drugs such as insulin get a letter from your doctor. Some airlines require this.

Travel Insurance

As mentioned in a previous post on planning your honeymoon PLEASE don’t skip the travel insurance!

Car Rental

You can often get good deals online for car rental so it’s worth investigating when planning your honeymoon. Getting it booked in advance will avoid disappointment in a foreign airport.

Mobile Phone, bank, currency and credit cards

Switch on mobile phone roaming or get your provider to do so. Some packages these days have roaming included automatically.

Tell your bank and credit card providers that you will be abroad, they are (or should be!) far hotter on fraud these days. You don’t want your cards frozen in a foreign country. It happened to me once and it’s very inconvenient!

For my most recent holiday I took a Revolut card with me, it’s a very easy way to pay by card in the local currency. Shop around for a good exchange rate for cash currency – don’t buy at the airport if you can possibly avoid it. Airport rates are not good generally speaking.

Essential honeymoon packing list - credit cards

Pets, newspapers, plants, post

Arrange for pets to be cared for and plants to be watered. Get the person watering your plants to move post away from the front door and put somewhere not visible from the outside. Cancel newspapers if you have them delivered.

Essential honeymoon packing list – hand/cabin luggage

I do tend to take a fair amount with me in hand/cabin luggage. Some things I simply don’t trust to hold luggage and some things your insurance won’t cover if they’re in the hold and go missing/are damaged. I use my beach bag as my hand luggage bag which saves packing it. I have a small document wallet that goes inside it so that I’m not scrabbling about for my passport when I need it.

  • Travel Documents: Passports; Travel Insurance; Tickets; Vaccination certificates if required; Doctors letter for sharps.
  • Currency & cards
  • Driving Licences
  • Copy of marriage certificate if you haven’t changed the name on your passport prior to travelling on honeymoon. Some countries are still pretty old fashioned about unmarried people sharing a room!
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Camera if your mobile phone camera is not good enough, batteries and memory cards
  • Electrical adaptor plug
  • Reading material or e-reader and charger
  • Travel guides/phrase book  – may be slightly outdated as most information is accessible on a smart phone these days!
  • Essential medication for the whole trip – I never trust this to hold luggage! Painkillers
  • Glasses/Sunglasses/Contact Lenses
  • Make-up and comb
  • Small can of cool spray
  • Travel pack of tissues
  • Anti-bacterial hand wipes/gel
  • Keys if you have to take them with you
  • Pashmina/jumper – sometimes it can get chilly on board, especially longhaul

Essential honeymoon packing list – main/hold luggage

The essential honeymoon packing list looks very long but you can obviously leave out anything that doesn’t apply! I have learned over the years that you don’t need to take every single pair of shoes that you own with you. Really, you don’t! E.g. if you’re having a beach holiday take one pair for the beach (flip flops), one pair for evening (possibly two if you need heels to go with some outfits) and comfortable shoes for travelling. Same with handbags – just take one small evening bag that goes with everything. A capsule wardrobe such as a couple of skirts with various tops will cut down on packing. You don’t need a different skirt or pair of trousers every evening, just different tops.

In the essential honeymoon packing list I have included items such as hairdryer, straighteners, curling tongs, but do you really need them? The friend I go on holiday with finds her hairdryer essential whereas I don’t. If you can bear to leave it at home it will save weight. Do you really need to take a travel iron with you? I personally hate ironing at home and have no intention of doing any whilst away on holiday! Unless you’re going somewhere ultra smart, if you pack well you shouldn’t need to iron anything.

Her Essential Honeymoon Packing List




Dresses: Sun; Casual; Formal


Shoes: Flats; Heels; Beach; Walking







Trousers: Casual; Smart; Jeans

Tops: Casual; Smart


Sports clothes if appropriate: Tennis; Workout; Gloves, hat, scarf etc for winter holiday

Shampoo & Conditioner; Styling gel/mousse. Leave in conditioner is great for slapping on your hair prior to a day on the beach!

Hairbrush & Comb

Toothbrush & Paste, Floss, Mouthwash

Shower gel & soap


Hair accessories

Hair Dryer; Curling Tongs; Straighteners

Travel Iron

Body Lotion

Face Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser

Nail Polish & Remover – these days I tend to do a gel nail mani/pedi prior to going, who wants to have to worry about nails?!


Cotton Wool and Buds


Sanitary Protection

Sun Hat

His Essential Honeymoon Packing List




Sun Hat


Trousers: Casual; Smart; Jeans

Shoes: Beach; Walking; Smart

Shirts: Casual; Smart





Sports clothes if appropriate: Tennis; Workout; Gloves, hat, scarf etc for winter holiday

Shampoo & Conditioner; Styling gel/mousse

Hairbrush & Comb

Toothbrush & Paste, Floss, Mouthwash


Face Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser


Razor, blades, shaving cream/gel, aftershave


First Aid Kit: Antihistamine; indigestion tablets; pain killers; wound wash; antiseptic cream; plasters; insect repellent; anti-diarrhoea medication; eye drops; lip balm; tweezers; nail scissors and file.

Plug in mosquito repellent

Folding corkscrew – although if you’re buying wine locally many bottles are screw cap now.

Sunscreen and after sun

Small torch with batteries – these days many mobile phones have a torch facility on them

Maps/SatNav if you’re going to be doing a lot of driving

Beach towels – most hotels don’t let you take theirs to use. There are some really good microfibre towels around these days which are light weight.

Tupperware, plastic cutlery, sharp knife and some  kitchen roll – all useful if you’re doing self catering. My friend and I mostly take a picnic lunch to the beach and a tupperware box comes in very handy for that. I like to take a bit of salad, and chopped tomatoes in a bag is not a good idea! On the way home the boxes can be useful for putting delicate souvenirs in. This year I bought home some dried starfish in my tupperware box, wrapped in tissue paper – without the box they wouldn’t have survived.

Loo roll – just one or half a roll for emergencies.

Pedal bin liners – useful for all sorts of things. If you’re travelling to Greece you can’t put toilet paper down the loo so they’re useful for disposal of toilet paper. Wrap shoes up in them before packing to keep clothes clean, etc. Also useful for wrapping large trays of sticky baklava in to bring home for the kids. I am so glad I gave it four layers of bags, plus one for luck as the syrup warmed up in the heat and it all kind of oozed everywhere. Without my pedal bin liners my clothes would have been a very sticky mess!

Essential honeymoon packing list - baklava



Crease free packing

I have discovered rolling, and it works! I have a few delicate tops that tend to crease badly when folded. However, this time I laid them out on the bed, folded the sleeves in and made sure that there were no creases. Then I rolled them into long sausages and packed them. For cut off trousers I folded them in half leg to leg and then rolled from the waistband down. I was very pleasantly surprised when I unpacked the other end. Normally I rock a slightly disheveled look, but not so much this year!

Have I missed anything? What can’t you live without on holiday? Comment below with your top tips!