Emergency Wedding Kit For The Wedding Day

It’s a good idea to have an emergency wedding kit for your wedding day. You’ve planned and prepared the day to within an inch of its life. But there are things that can go wrong even on the best planned day. Someone should be put in charge of collating and keeping track of the emergency wedding kit. It could be that the bride or groom wants to put it together and then hands it to the best man or maid of honour or perhaps the wedding planner.

Wedding Day Timeline & Vendors Details

Print off a copy of your wedding day timeline and vendors details for the emergency wedding kit. If anything goes wrong on the day you don’t want to be hunting through emails on your mobile phone to get the number of the caterer/florist. A copy of the essential photos checklist just in case the photographers copy goes missing.

Emergency Kit First Aid Items

You shouldn’t need a full first aid kit but the following could be useful:

  • Plasters – if someone cuts a finger you don’t want to be getting blood on your clothes.
  • Paracetamol and Ibuprofen – make sure you have both. Firstly not everyone can take ibuprofen (e.g. asthma sufferers). Secondly if someone develops a very nasty headache they can be taken together to give the headache the boot!
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Scissors and tweezers
  • Sanitary protection – not strictly speaking first aid, but should certainly be in your emergency wedding kit just in case.
  • Sunscreen
  • Antihistamine tablets
  • Insect repellent
  • Antacid tablets
  • Contact Lens friendly eye drops

Emergency wedding kit - first aid

Snacks & Water

It’s so easy to forget to eat during the wedding day. Maybe get some snacks that are clean to eat to avoid getting outfits dirty and not too smelly to avoid bad breath! Also look for snacks that give a good energy boost but that aren’t going to leave you with an energy crash shortly afterwards. Small bottles of water will help you to keep hydrated. To be environmentally aware get reuseable bottles. Dehydration can cause you to feel rubbish and could bring on a nasty headache.

Emergency wedding kit - water bottles

Gel Shoe Inserts

Being on your feet all day and dancing all night is going to take its toll on your feet. Have some gel shoe inserts to hand just in case.

Tights & Nail Polish 

Spare tights are a good idea – no-one wants to wear tights with holes in them.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put a nail through mine during the day when I’ve had to wear them! Clear nail polish is great for stopping a ladder in your tights if it’s out of sight and you catch it in time.


It’s an emotional day, be prepared!

Phone and/or Tablet Charger

We looked at social media and mobile phone etiquette in an earlier post but let’s be honest, not many of us can be without our phone all day!

Cosmetics, Comb and Hairspray

You probably don’t need the full works for cosmetics but have what you need to touch up your make up. Hopefully your hairstyle will hold during the day but have a comb and hairspray handy in the emergency kit just in case. Extra hairpins in your emergency kit may come in handy if someones hairstyle is slipping. Cotton buds and an emery board would also be a good idea. False nail glue in case someone has a nail pop off! Extra earring backs.

Double Sided Tape, Safety Pins & Sewing Kit

Wardrobe malfunctions happen unfortunately! Safety pins and a mini sewing kit in your emergency kit will at least mean that you can make quick repairs. Double sided tape that’s skin friendly could help if a dress is not staying where it should do! White chalk is also a good thing to have handy in case of any stains on the wedding dress.

Emergency wedding kit - sewing kit

Wipes, Mints & Cooling Spray

Deodorising wipes are handy to freshen up with if you’ve got a bit warm during the day. Sample bottles of the perfume or cologne being used. Mints to freshen your breath – I wouldn’t necessarily recommend chewing gum as you run the risk of it getting onto your wedding finery. Cooling spray for your face and a foot spray will also help to keep you fresh.

Pen & Paper

You never know when you might need to write a quick note.


Whilst you don’t need a full change of clothes for the entire wedding party it could be useful to have some black socks in the emergency wedding kit for any men in the wedding party who need them.


What have I missed? Leave me a comment below!