Bespoke Wedding Shoes From Inanna

Have you considered having bespoke wedding shoes for your special day? If not then perhaps you might after reading this and seeing the gorgeous photos. Increasingly brides (and of course grooms!) are looking to stamp their personality on their wedding day. One way of doing this is to have bespoke wedding shoes. They can add an element of surprise to an otherwise conventional outfit. Or they can add the finishing touch to a totally unconventional outfit!

Bespoke wedding shoes - roses

Your shoes are definitely something you want to budget for and something that is easily forgotten. Think of these bespoke wedding shoes not just as shoes for your wedding, but as an investment.

Inanna Bespoke Shoes

Louise, the driving force behind Inanna is based in Leamington Spa but supplies nationwide. She believes that everything around us should be beautiful – hear hear to that! She says that her lifelong passion for art lead her to paint on all sorts of things, leaving a trail of colour and beauty. A request from a friend to customise some shoes lead her to stumble across leather paints. One amazing pair of shoes later and she had founded Inanna.

Bespoke Wedding Shoes

Bespoke Wedding Shoes


Louise creates unique hand painted designs to clients specifications on leather shoes. The paints she uses are professional leather paints from the U.S. It is formulated to be waterproof, crack proof and permanent so will last the life of the shoe. With a wide selection of mixable colours she can match to bridesmaids dresses or accessories to create the perfect shade. She also has glitter and metallic paints which look stunning and add extra glamour to designs.

Bespoke wedding shoes - roses

The Shoes

You supply the shoes for Louise to work on which means that you’ve chosen them for style and fit.


Once you’ve chosen your shoes Louise will consult with you regarding design. If you’re in the Leamington Spa area then you could have a face to face consultation with her regarding your bespoke wedding shoes. Alternatively she will have a consultation over the internet with you.

Bespoke wedding shoes - design

Even a seemingly ‘normal’ design can contain it’s own surprise. The owner of the shoes below might just be a Dr Who fan?!

Bespoke wedding shoes - Dr Who

Bespoke Wedding Shoes - Musical

There is no limit to the wearable art shoes that Louise can create. From whimsical roses and lace with glitter heels to elegant black and white butterflies. In her own words: “Every bride wants their wedding to be a reflection of their style and personality. Why settle for a standard pair of shoes?”

Bespoke Wedding Shoes - Skull Butterfly

Bespoke Wedding Shoes - Peacock Feather

These shoes aren’t just for special occasions however. They are wearable art that make a statement. So they are not only a keepsake but a pair of shoes that can be worn again and again after the wedding. This isn’t something you can necessarily do with your dress!

For more information and to contact Louise to discuss your bespoke wedding shoes go to her website. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram.